Stories of Hope

This page features stories of the children, students, and women supported by Uganda Rural Fund and Hope Academy telling how their lives have been impacted by our services. Click on the names to follow the stories.

Silver Mukalazi, S.4, Hope Academy
[ taken from a phone conversation with Sliver, a 17 year old Hope student and orphan in Uganda ]

“The people of Gankanga are so thankful [for the mosquito nets]. They say Malaria is now like a song: Soon it will just be talked about. When you come back I think it will be a changed village.”

“I admired you because of the way you presented yourself. I admired you and you stood out to me because you made friends with everyone and you didn’t discriminate. You went out to the villages and helped teh people and I really admired that.”

“When people compliment me on my articles, I am thankful for the knowledge you taught me.”

“My father died when i was three years old. Then I went to go live with my grandmother. When I was 16 and realized not capable of taking care of me any longer (she was sick), I left and got a job and rented a house. I was sad that i couldn’t go to school and sometimes I cried when I saw others going to school because I wondered why I couldn’t. I was scared about my future and what I would become. When i found out I had a school sponsor, I thought it was a lie. I did not believe it. Since then, I have praised and thanked God for the oppurtunity to go back to school. With God anything is possible.”

“When I read your article about the people in Gulu, I became very sad…I wondered why can I live a good life when my fellow Ugandans are living such sad lives? I became inspired to help my country.”

“Ronald is very happy for your sponsorship…Whenever I see a kid go to school, I am very happy because I was one of those kids. I had a horrible life…I know what it’s like…My life is better…”