Sponsor A Child

Children Waiting for Sponsors. Give them Hope!

After you decide which child you would like to sponsor, please complete the Sponsorship Pledge Form.  Standard sponsorship is  $300 a year which is $25 a month. This amount covers tuition, uniforms, books, lunch fee, school requirements, and other basic supplies like pens and pencils, geometry set, shoes, cloths, etc.

However, if you cannot afford $300 a year, you may consider making a general donation toward the Teachers’ Salary Fund.  This fund provides education for many other orphan students who don’t have sponsors yet.  About 60% of our students can’t afford to pay and we let them study until we can find sponsors for them. These students had previously dropped out of school due to financial reasons. By supporting the Teachers’ Salary Fund you sponsor more than one student.

After submitting the form, mail check made to Uganda Rural Fund at 12829 River Road, Richmond, VA 23238. You can also make your donation online through PayPal but remember PayPal deducts a processing fee; so not 100% goes to your child. If you have any questions, please contact John Mary: jmlugemwa@ugandaruralfund.org or 763-291-1102. Thanks for providing education support for needy children!

Nakalema Moreen, 14

Moreen is fourteen years old student in grade eight at Hope Academy. She enjoys music, soccer, and studying. Moreen hopes to enrich her home in Kamutuza village by going into a career in Agricultural engineering. She lives with her mother and a father who has been ill for a very long time. Nakalema said that being sponsored and having school supplies would make things easier for her mother to support the three children.