Water, Sanitation & Energy


rainwater harvesting tank

URF has partnered with Engineers without Boarders to design and implement a clean water supply and sanitation system and a power system for the Hope Academy in Masaka.

Water & Sanitation System 
A team of engineering students and professional engineers from the University of Minnesota installed a water system that pumps underground water for use at Hope Academy. The entire system runs automatically and also works in hand with the rain water catchment system that was installed by the same group.  The system provides enough water for the school which is also be shared with the surrounding community during droughts when the wells dry out.


solar panel on the school roof

Solar Power System 
The EWB Chapter at Virginia Tech designed and installed a solar power system that works in conjunction with the grid power at Hope Academy which will ensure that the school has constant supply of power. This is critical as URF and the Hope grows and expands use of technology and medical equipment that require reliable supply of power.

URF and EWB are looking at ways to address the water needs of the wider community beyong the school. We are looking at various options like water dams, bore holes, bio-sand filters, and a few others.