Uganda Rural Fund (URF), founded in 2005, is a grassroots NGO empowering AIDS orphans, underprivileged youths, and women in rural communities to fight the cycle of poverty, through educational and sustainable development opportunities.

Inspired by the personal experience of its co-founder, John Mary Lugemwa, OSB, who grew up in poverty in rural Masaka, being an orphan and having dropped out of school and then being able fight all odds to advance in education, URF is founded on a belief that a better life is possible for everyone. URF aims to empower her beneficiaries to implement high-impact sustainable programs to fight poverty in the effort to help people help themselves, one village at a time.

We focus on rural communities because they have often been neglected by larger multinational organizations, but most importantly, it’s where the disparity in our education system is most evident. We believe that education, formal or  informal, is the best way to fight the cycle of poverty and illiteracy plaguing rural communities.

URF is a registered 501(c)(3) charity under the  Federal Tax ID: 20-4118165 in the United States.  A sister organization, the implementing partner, Uganda Rural Fund, is also registered in Uganda with a CBO number C.D.5821. We are an international and grassroots Community Based Organization that exists on non-political, non-denominational, and non-sectarian principles.

Our outreach programs include:
+ Education: vocational secondary school, community library and computer center, child sponsorship
+ Health Care: medical clinic, medical camps, village health workers, health education, HIV testing & counseling
+ Water and Sanitation: rainwater harvesting systems for schools and households, dry stands
+ Child-headed Family support: building homes, household supplies, food, education, health care
+ Food security: seed loans, agriculture training
+ Leadership Institute: leadership development workshops
+ Women Empowerment: self-help projects, village banking, crafts, etc
+ Youth Empowerment: youth group, youth leadership camps, peer counseling, sports, crafts
+ Income projects for sustainability: chicken project, making herbal soap and jelly

We can be reached at info@ugandaruralfund.org or tel +1-763-291-1102


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