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Urgent Need for Child-Headed Family Housing: HELP NOW!

TEXTBOOKS and SOLAR LAMPS for Students at Hope Academy

Any support would be appreciated. You can send a check to Uganda Rural Fund, P.O. Box 388. West Springfield, MA 01090 or Donate online here.

Women’s health video


Documentary about Engineers Without Boarders water project at Hope Academy (a trailer)


Child-led Family Kids’ Education – Part 1

Child-led Family Kids’ Education – Part 2

This video is for Haiti Relief awareness. URF children’s choir is featured in the video.

Hope Academy Student Choir

Hope Academy Class Sessions

Women’s Village Banking Meeting

Hope Academy Students’ Play

URF Crafts Training – Making Paper Bags

URF Community Empowerment Seminar – Human Rights and Legal Representation Session

Hope Academy Students Digging

Women’s Group Traditional Dance

Hope Academy Students’ Choice – at the Community Seminar

Clean Water at Hope Academy provided by EWB