Hope Junior School

Hope Junior School was established in 2013 as a kindergarten and later to evolve into a primary school. This initiative is a response to the cry of parents who fear for their small children the danger of crossing busy roads to get to school. The kids can now walk to school without having to cross dangerous roads.


The school’s curriculum is designed to provide a solid academic foundation to prepare children to succeed in secondary and higher education institutions.

Hope Junior School’s Early Childhood program focuses on the development of the whole child. The School provides a nurturing and stimulating environment, allowing children discover their world and become life-long learners.

At Hope Junior School, …

  • children attain high mental and moral development at an early age
  • children learn reverence, respect and gain a foundation for a spiritual life
  • teachers have realistic expectations while challenging students to succeed
  • time-tested methods harmonize with modern technology and educational thinking
  • children learn practical, living skills and develop muscular coordination, physical independence and powers of concentration

Our comprehensive curriculum provides children with opportunities to develop when they are ready, beginning as early as age three. In a carefully prepared environment, scaled to children’s spiritual, mental, social and physical development, naturally inquisitive children are free…

  • to touch, to handle, to rearrange
  • to explore, to experiment, to observe
  • to discover the world and themselves

In these activities and others, children learn by doing. They have a sense of freedom within the structure of class “ground rules,” they can choose to work alone or with others, and they can work at their own pace. As a result, children are never penalized if they need extra time for a project, and they are never forced to mark time if they progress quickly.