Sustainable Agriculture

In Uganda, over 80% of the population is employed in Agriculture. The majority of the people in rural areas own land. However, it is heartbreaking to find some families, especially the widows and child-headed families who cannot efficiently farm their land because they lack the seeds to plant. As a result, such families suffer from shortage of food and agricultural products for sale.  These families encounter difficulties finding enough food especially during the dry seasons. Famine and poverty are very devastating and continue to take lives in thousands in Africa.

Our Solutions:
-Seed loan support
-Farmers’ workshops on improved farming practices
-Provision of goats, pigs, and chickens to poor farmers
-Market research


FARM TRACTOR  – We would like to acquire a farm tractor to help local farmers in cultivating their land more efficiently. Farmers use hand hoe s to plough acres and acres of land. This is time and energy consuming and limits the amount of produce the family can harvest. With use of a tractor families will be able to cultivate more land, produce more, and subsequently double their income. With enough food for home consumption and the surplus for market, it means that the families’ standard of living with improve drastically.

Please help us realize this dream and change the living conditions of poor farmers in rural Uganda.