As you prepare for your volunteer experience, please reflect on this Chinese poem:
Go to the people Live among the people Learn from them. Start with what they know Build on what they have. But of the best leaders, When their task is accomplished Their work is done, The people will say… We have done it ourselves.

Volunteering is a wonderful way of reaching out to those in need. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to share love, happiness, gifts and talents with others. It amplifies a sense of pride and joy in giving back to the community at home and abroad.  We believe in communities working together to build and change lives. Dedicated volunteers make our vision a reality. We treasure the vibrant spirit of service and love they bring; it touches and transforms lives.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term volunteer opportunity, we assure you that your time will be worthwhile helping us.  There is so much you can do; the various programs and projects offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities and experiences that will create lasting memories.

Volunteers work on any of our  programs: secondary school, kindergarten,  child-headed families, agriculture, clean water, village banking, women empowerment, medical clinic, health education, medical camps, leadership training, village health workers, child sponsorship, community service, entrepreneurship and business skills training, arts and crafts center, etc. See details on website below

Volunteer in Uganda  (separate website)

<> Volunteer within U.S or other Country

With questions, please contact:
John Mary Lugemwa, OSB
at jmlugemwa@gmail.com
or 1-763-291-1102.