URF Kampala Chapter

volunteer gathering in Kampala

Uganda Rural Fund Kampala Chapter was launched in June, 2009 by Ugandan Young Professionals and University students. These young people were inspired by the work URF was doing for the less privileged.

Goal: To inspire young Ugandans to pull together our talents and expertise to build up our communities via promoting the cause of URF and reaching out to wider constituencies around Uganda.


The team organises regular workshops, provides professional services, collect scholastic materials, participate in Community projects with international volunteers, networks with local organizations and social service groups.

Purpose of URF Kampala Chapter

  • Provide professional services to URF; such as, giving presentations at workshops, counselling, and carrier guidance teaching, accounting, legal etc.
  • Regular visits to Hope Integrated Academy and URF field sites to participate in chosen project activities.
  • Collecting scholastic materials for the children at Hope Integrated Academy
  • Donating personal used textbooks for secondary or primary school to children of URF.
  • Organising fundraising events in Kampala
  • Conducting research on behalf of URF as determined by the administration.
  • Members are point of contact for potential NGO/Business partners within Kampala.  Interact with URF international volunteers in Kampala and at the URF field sites in Masaka
  • Running youth camps for students and local youth in the villages.
  • A monthly monetary contribution which could go into the teachers’ salary fund at Hope Integrated Academy.


The team has monthly meetings which are held on the first and last Thursdays of every Month.

Those in Uganda interested in joining this vibrant team, please contact urfkampala@ugandaruralfund.org or join the facebook group.

Chapter members mentoring students

Chapter members conduct workshop in the village

Speaking at a youth leadership camp

Members at the leadership conference at URF