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URF builds Dry Stands: A simple tool to improve sanitation and household hygiene for village homes

Development involves not just the big things of life such as; education, health care, business skills, e.t.c. but also small things like; dry stands, garbage pits, clean latrines that greatly improve household hygiene. Proper sanitation is a key concern for people in rural communities and poor sanitation is associated with high risk of diseases. Based […]

Giving back to the community: Hope Academy graduates return to volunteer with URF

“I don’t how i can thank URF for having helped me to complete s.6 this year hopefully am going to volunteer with URF during weekends the whole of this vacation”-– Silver Mukalazi It is inspiring to see the enthusiasm with which our Hope Academy graduates are coming back to volunteer with URF during the long […]

Vegetable gardens: Improving the nutrition and food security for child-headed families

Proper diet and nutrition are important in the development any person especially for children because they are at a critical stage of development. With that understanding in mind, Uganda Rural Fund has set out to ensure that the kids in child-headed households have proper nutrition. We do this by helping each child headed family plant […]

Piggery project empowering women and families in rural Uganda

“I have been able to use money from this project to make bricks that I hope to use in constructing my new house, paying workers, getting basic needs among other necessities for her family. Thanks very much to URF”…Nakanjako Mary URF initiated a piggery project within the women empowerment program. This was done in order to provide women in […]

Preventative community health outreach through health education and basic treatment

The quality of health influences the quality of life for any individual and subsequently impact development for a community. At URF, our health care intervention is focusing on prevention and less on treatment. We do this through community health talks in villages and local schools. Our nurse with other staff and volunteers conduct rotate in […]

Integrating vocational skills in the high school curriculum to enhance quality education at Hope Academy

At Hope Academy students are not only exposed to theoretical academic work but practical trade skills as well. In this picture Senior two (Grade 9) are having a tailoring class. This has made them gain hands-on experience in various skills. We hope that these skills shall enable them create their own jobs after their studies for those who may […]

Wishing Success to Primary Seven students in the neighboring primary schools

Toward the end of every academic year during November, the Headmaster of Hope Academy visits several area primary school to wish success to Primary Seven (P.7) students who sit for the national exams that mark the end of their primary school career. At the same time, we take the opportunity to encourage students focus on secondary school […]

The time of harvest is here: Hope Students take end of year exams

The harvest time is here! Every end of year, students undertake exams that determine whether they should be promoted to another class or not. During the trimester, students take three different sets of exams: at the beginning, mid term, and end of term exams. Their final score is an average of the three exams. These exams have […]

Textbooks and Solar Lamps for quality education at Hope Academy

“Hope students have time use the books in the library to supplement on what the teachers teach in the class. However, the books are insufficient for the growing number of the students.”…Thaddeus Kweyamba, the Headmaster Imagine going through school without access to textbooks, yet you have to study for national exams and compete with students in rich […]

Sharing with Orphans: URF villages donating food for kids at the orphanage

Families in villages URF supports are donating food every two weeks to share with the children at the orphanage. Foods such as cassava, potatoes, bananas, beans, corn and various fruits have been generously donated by various families. If we all chip in to help one another, I believe that we do have the potential as Ugandans […]

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