URF2010 Conference Registration

All participants for the Jan 8 – 10, 2010 Youth Camp and Young Professionals 4 Community Devt Conferece are required to complete this online registration.  Please pay attention to the commitment to action section – give it some thought. Even if you are not decided yet, at least put down something and think it through; you can change the commitment later on or during the conference as you listen to others and get more ideas. At the conference you may also meet others with similar idea and group up. If you questions about commitment, email jmlugemwa@gmail.com

All fields are Required, please! This info is neede for planning purposes and future follow-ups.  Take it serious. Remove/delete comments in answer boxes; they are there for explanation of the qustion. Thanks for participating in this wonderful weekend. We hope you will learn, teach, network,  inspire others and also have fun.

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