Empowering the Girl Child: Girls’ Youth Leadership Camp

youth leadership camp

URF is organizing a youth camp for GIRLS ONLY (ages 12-20) for the weekend of April 30-May 02 (Fr -Sun). The camp is intended to provide a safe space to discuss issues affecting their lives and identify opportunities for personal, educational, leadership, social, and career development. We aim to empower girls to take charge of their destiny.

If you have any ideas about content, group activities, educational videos, posters, fun movies, etc, please make suggestions and bring them. I finally have the list of topics the girls themselves suggested

Those of you outside of Uganda or within Ug who would like to help but can’t physically be there, you can contribute your content which we can give as handouts or someone can present it. Please write up somethng on any topic below and email it to me jmlugemwa@gmail.com We will appreciate your contribution. It could be simply sharing personal story as a motivation to the girls. The kids we’re dealing with come from very poor families in rural villages, 50% of our student population at Hope Academy are orphans, some come from child-headed families, etc.

These are topics, the girls wanted to discuss in the conference. I have grouped them: (from our staff in Uganda)
1. Sex education
-Importance of abstinence
-Problems of early sex
-Early pregnancy
-Peer pressure
-Early marriages
-STDS signs/ symptoms
-Cross generational sex
2. Hygiene
-Personal hygiene
-Provision of pads
3. Discipline
-Consequences of bad behavior
-How girls should behave
4. Counseling
5. Business education
6. Illiteracy (what one can do to make their lives better even if they are not educated)
7. Confidence
-Public Speaking
-Self esteem

At Girls’ Leadership Camp, we were taught many things; life skills, relationships, friends, HIV and education

“I liked this camp because it was for girls only. I learnt how to protect myself from HIV, how to clean my body, and how to behave as a girl. I also learnt how I can set my goals in my future.” Nakizza Edivina

On this page you find brief accounts of the girls who participated in URF’s Girls’ Youth Leadership Camp as they share experiences of the camp in their own words.

“At camp, we were taught many things; life skills, relationships, friends, HIV and education. I learnt how to have good relationships with my parents, friends and relatives. I also learnt about candida, unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and theirs signs, and also to follow the ABC formula.” Nansubuga Joweria

“I enjoyed the camp. I learnt about sanitation, periods, relationship and sex, sexual health and consequences of unprotected sex. I learnt that good friends contribute to your self-esteem because they care about you and such relationships, as with parents, brothers and sisters, are based on love and trust. Thank you so much.” Ingabire Ferecura

“I thank God who enabled us to come to this important camp because we learnt many things. We learnt about personal hygiene, relationships, and we watched a movie called “ekimansannaku”. We were taught to avoid sex but if we get pregnant, we should not try to abort because we could lose our lives.”  Najjita Allen

“I can’t begin to tell you all of the benefits from this camp because they are too many. I think every girl should have attended. We learnt about personal hygiene and sexual health, and boyfriends are only good if they wish you a nice education and not sex. We also learnt from educative movies where we studied that as girls, we should pay attention to our education, and also avoid bad peer groups. We should also respect our parents, brothers and sisters. I thank all the teachers who took time to come and teach us.” Nakawuki Florence

“I liked this camp because it was for girls only. I learnt how to protect myself from HIV, how to clean my body, and how to behave as a girl. I also learnt how I can set my goals in my future.” Nakizza Edivina

“I thank all the teachers who guided us through camp. Harriet taught us important tips in life like making vision, setting goals, taking education as my first priority. We were encouraged to have good friends who contribute to our self-esteem, friends whom we can trust, who encourage and believe in us and whose behaviors do not put us in trouble. Madam Moreen taught us that relationships are based on love, care and trust and we can have such with our parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends, boyfriends and others. A boyfriend should respect you, does not take advantage of and does not put sex before friendship. We were taught about sexual health and told to delay sex.” Rose Nakato

“I benefitted more than I thought. The teachers were very nice and kind to us. I learnt to have education as my first priority, to abstain from sex, the problems of early sex, how to get good friends, having a vision, relationships, how to have self-esteem and I also learnt about fact and fiction. I learnt to be strong whatever the situation in my life is. I know if I follow my teachers’ words, I will succeed in my life and my studies because I know that my studies are the key to a better life.” Nababuga Rachael

“I thank Uganda Rural Fund for the wonderful camp that I enjoyed, especially since it was just girls there. I learnt that God does not make junk and our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should use them to glorify the Lord and not defile Him by engaging in sex before marriage. We should respect ourselves in order to become responsible ladies or women but not to lower our dignity.”  Nakabugo Betty

“Neyanziza nnyo omulimu gwe mwakola kulunako lwetaja eyoku Hope. Mwakkola ekyamanyi nyo. Nzekulwange nayiga okwewala silimu, ela nenyiga amakubo gayitilamu. Nayiga nokubela n’emikwano emilungi ejizimba.”  Nassimbwa Sylvia

“Thank you for the work during the girls’ camp. May the Lord bless you. The sessions were very interesting and educative. We learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of having boyfriends, how to handle menstruation periods, and the problems of early sex and early marriages.”  Nabuuma Betty

“I learnt a lot of things in the camp. I learnt to be extremely careful with my studies, to have good friends, and to remain true to my values. I was told to be focused in my work and that no one has the same gifts as me. That I am special.” Nabulya Teopista

“I liked this camp because I met new important people, made new friends and I sang. I learnt to always seek and ask God in whatever I’m doing, avoid bad peer groups, and that abstainance is the best way to prevent HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies.”  Agaba Shakirah

“The camp was very interesting. I learnt about personal hygiene and I am very thankful for that.” Nakanwagi Betty

“I believe in good friends, and I do not want to get a boyfriend because sometimes they want you to have sex with them. I want to set up a goal in life and aim to achieve it.” Nasande Annet

“We learnt how to behave us as girls, and we know that us girls can make it to the top. We were taught to have good boyfriends and good friends who care about us and love us the way we are.” Tumwebaze Immy

“Boyfriends must respect you and don’t take advantage of you. Good friends should also contribute to your self-esteem. We were also told that Education has value and we should not compromise with our studies”

“Balamusizza nnyo. Nebazza emilimu gyemututusako. Ekyokusoka nebaza omulimu gewmwakola kulunaku olw’omukaga. Nayiga okubela nemikwano emilungi n’okwagala esomelo n’okubela nemikwano gyange abali musomero besoma nabo n’okugodela bazadde bange. Nayiga bigi nnyo.” Nambooze Lydia