Big Sister-Big Brother Mentorship Program

We all have had individuals who have been very significant in our lives – parents, friends, siblings, relatives etc who acted as role models and big inspirations to us. They are the people who challenge us, who uplift us, who push us to keep going, who show us a sense of direction, and always there in good and tough times. We can thank God for this blessing.

Now imagine some kid growing up with little or nothing of that support system. How is life like for them – where do they draw inspiration and guts to keep moving forward in education and in life? This is exactly what some of our kids are going through.

The mentorship program is an opportunity for adults to become an instrument of inspiring force in a kid’s life. We invite adults to consider selecting a student at Hope Academy to become a mentor for. In a way they become a BIG sister or BIG brother to this kid.

Student Mentorship Program : OBLIGATIONS

There are no financial obligations involved except for visitations and airtime to check on your ‘little sister/little brother’. It’s NOT a sponsorship program – if one wishes to support the child financial, they can do so at your own will but not required. There are visitation days every term but mentors can also visit their students at any time of the year. Mentors are also encouraged to call and check on the student every once in a while. They are free to send a care package if they desire. Get to know the student well and help them think through the future. Most of our kids are from underprivileged background and need a lot of moral support. A mentor may chose to bring the kid for a visit at their home and show them around town and work place to inspire them.

We provide the mentor with a short bio and picture of the student they mentor. In return, the mentor is also required to submit a bio and picture for the child so they can get to know each other.

If you would like to make an impact in the life of one or two children, please email me and I will send you the list of kids waiting for a big sister or big brother. Email
Males please pick male students and females chose female students. I posted pictures of the students from my recent visit    We also have individual shots of each students but are not online yet. I will send these to you after you select your student.

Thanks very much –