Community Service

Creating a Culture of Giving Back to the Communitycommunity_work

It is important that our youth be raised to become socially responsible citizens. Besides providing youth with material and technical support, our youth are encouraged to engage in socially aware projects and activities that will promote the good of the community. These projects will help students become aware of the needs of people in communities around them. It is an opportunity to learn and share talents and gifts with those who are underprivileged, especial y the elderly, single mothers, widows, child-headed families, and the sick. The resulting end is that young people who take an active role in community development and have a heightened sense of duty and responsibility. This is critical to raising responsible children and to building a strong nation.

Community Service Programs

  • Vocational students will involve in some of the following projects:
  • Building houses for poor families. The school will be training students in construction skills; so they would be able to use these skills during the vocational school career to give back to the community.
  • Making furniture to donate to families in the villages. Courses in carpentry are offered at the school.
  • Web designing for local schools, churches, and businesses. Students will use their computer skills to bring technology to other institutions in the area.
  • Cloths donation. Those learning tailoring will donate cloths or repair cloths for orphan children in the village.
  • Gardening for the elderly
  • Shoes donation. The school offers shoe making courses. Shoes made as part of the learning practicum may be donated to poor people in the villages.
  • Volunteering at orphanages and homes for the elderly
  • Tutoring kids from the villages who may need help with school work