Career Guidance

sandrah speaking

Sandrah, an accountant speaks to students

Often students from underprivileged families in rural communities lack a role model who they can look up on matters of educational and career development. Lack of awareness and proper guidance leads to making poor career choices and lovels of motivation in school. URF fills this gap through it’s various various programs tailored at exposing the students to the breadth of professional prospects in all academic disciples.

Career guidance sessions are often integrated in community seminars, youth camps, leadership traininings, one-on-one counselling, and printed literature at the school. This program also targets parents and guardians since they are the ones who support them financially and morally. Without the parents’ support, our programs cannot make any major impact.studentsreading We work with parents to make them aware of the career options available to their children and encourage them to support the children in whatever career path the child chooses.

URF brings professionals from different disciplines to speak to the students and youth about their professional experience. They talk about what one needs to do to excell in school; what courses to focus on for a particular professional track; which schools offer better programs for a certain career; how to pay for education and where to seek; and many other pertinent issues.