Piggery Project

Raising is one of the income generating enterprise the women engage in. Since our women live in rural villages, such a project is very practical and affordable. Pigs are among the common domestic livestock for most families in the rural areas. They are easy to raise because the feeds are readily available especially if they are raised on small-scale basis. The demand for pork is high so we are very much assured of the market.

URF initially donated pigs to groups of women who took responsibility for caring for the pig. Once the mother gives birth, the piglets are passed on to more women. After the initial batch of pigs, URF does not need to inject in more funds; the project become self-sustaining.

As any of the other projects, this project also provides an opportunity for children to gain skills in pig-raring. The children help with feeding the pigs and doing some simple work around the house.

The income generated from the sale of pigs could be used for paying fees for children or taking care of other household needs.

Poultry Projects

The chicken project is a self-help project for Muslim Women in the community. The non-Muslim women are involved with the piggery project. Since Muslims don’t associate with pigs, they decided to undertake the poultry project instead.  Two groups of women started with a 100 chickens each. The women feed the chickens as a group. The chicken house construction was a group effort as well. URF only contributed funds for purchase of chickens and feeding them until they start laying eggs