Men’s Resource Center

Men’s Group Launched in May 2008mensgroup2

After witnessing the success of women’s programs, the men in the community felt left behind and desired to also become more engaged in personal and community development. The group engages in workshops and income generating activities such as raising goats and pigs. They have also started the Village Banking program from which they borrow funds to start small enterprises. It’s critical to URF that both male and females are empowered equally because neglecting one can cause instability in families.

Village Banking (Co-save) improving lives of men and their families
Currently 27 men in one group are involved with village banking program. Members buy shares in the bank and then borrow funds to start a small project or use it to pay school fees for their kids. The money is paid back with some interest. The bank is solely run by the women and men themselves with very detailed regulations following a constitution for each group.