Medical Camps

Our health care outreach model focuses on preventative care. URF organizes medical camps in partnership with medical students both from Uganda and other countries together with URF nurses and local doctors.

At medical camps we provide basic treatment and general check up to help people be aware of their health status. URF organizes a team of doctors, nurses and a lab technician who work tirelessly to see that every patient is attended to.

Referrals are made to the hospital in Masaka and the patients are transported by the URF’s medical van. The biggest percentage of cases seen involve malaria and a few other illnesses such as flu,¬†diarrhea, syphilis, back pains, etc.

We also partner with Uganda Care from Masaka who assist with the HIV testing and counselling. The big turn out is always a clear indication of the urgent need for medical care in the community. On-going treatment is available at the URF medical clinic.

Claire, UK nurse holding baby

In line to see the doctor