Community Empowerment Seminars

seminarURF regularly organizes conferences to facilitate on-going education for community members. Community-wide conferences are organized once a year. Every weekend small workshops are conducted in various village zones. These workshops are intented to facilitate a dialogue about critical issues faced by members of the community. Workshops include topics such as; domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, parenting skills, nutrition, water and sanitation, etc.

Community Empowerment Seminar a success – 600 people attended:
The 2 day seminar that took place on June 26-27, 2009 involved talks on AIDS, health care, malaria prevention, water and sanitation, human rights & legal representation, entrepreneurship and micro finance, education and community development, and inter-cultural awareness. 30 Uganda professionals including doctors, educators, lawyers, accountants, AIDS researchers, social workers, bankers, entrepreneurs, etc volunteered as panelists. Also 17 international volunteers including EWB engineers participated. Thanks to everyone who helped out. For a full report on the seminar, please visit Empowerment Seminars page.  A farmers’ workshop on Agriculture is scheduled for end of August. Looking for trainers; if you can help, please email me.