Save Vianney


Dear friends, we introduce you to this young man with a very critical medical condition and needs urgent help to receive a liver transplant in India by December 31st, 2014. Please let us join together to save a life.  The procedure is estimated to cost $58,000.  Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.


MUTABAZI VIANNEY (Mitimito) was diagnosed with Hepatitis B Virus, a life threatening liver disease and needs help for an URGENT liver transplant in Delhi, INDIA.

MUTABAZI VIANNEY (Mitimito) was first diagnosed with this liver disease (Hepatitis B Virus) late last year by hospitals in Rwanda and later it was confirmed in INDIA. Specialists have confirmed that the only guarantee of life is a liver transplant by 31st of December 2014 in INDIA.

Action: Help ‪#‎saveMutabazi to raise Rwf 40,000,000 ($58,000) for the operation.

You can donate now, any amount counts!

Account number: (Vianney Mutabazi)
4003211166338 (Equity Bank)
Support through mobile transfers to:
Contact MUTABAZI Vianney (250) 788 544 503 or

Please feel free to donate, any amount counts.