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Building a new house: A gift of shelter for a child-headed family

Lydia is 10 years old and has taken on care of her grandmother for several years now since her parents died. They live in a tiny house which is in a bad shape. Lydia’s story has touched many people who have come forward to help. As a result, we are building a new house for […]

A swing brings fun to the kids at Hope Junior School

Play is always an important aspect of child development. Recently, we have installed a three-seater swing on the playground for the kindergarten children. You could see the excitement in the eyes when the swing was installed. They all wanted to jump on it to enjoy the fun! Break time is becoming more and more fun! […]

With 65 new students in senior one, enrollment grows to 170 at Hope Academy

As of March 2014, 0ver 60 students are enrolled in Senior One/Grade 8 class at Hope Academy, a great increase from last year’s class. Many of the students come from very poor families and some are orphans who are dependent on URF for their education and material support. Total enrollment in the school is 170 […]

Hope Junior School enrolls 40 kids for term one 2014

A new initiative at URF, Hope Junior School, has grown from a few kids to 40 by the beginning of the 2014 academic year. The children are enrolled in kindergarten Baby, Middle, and Top classes. There is also a small class of primary one/grade one pupils. At Hope Junior we strive to give kids a […]

Youth camp empowers 150 young leaders and entrepreneurs in rural Uganda

At the core of URF’s mission is a belief in the transforming power of education–education that is practical and oriented to the needs of the individuals we serve. During the weekend of January 10-12th, over 150 youth from Lwengo district and beyond gained practical skills in business management and leadership through the youth leadership camp. […]

Christmas without Mommy, Daddy or Granny – All Gone!

Dear Friend: Christmas greetings and joy! I hope and pray that you and loved ones are doing well. We cherish our families every moment of our lives. But in a special way, Christmas is a focus on family, friends, and loved ones. The baby Jesus was born into a loving family of Mary and Joseph. […]

Promoting preventive care in rural Uganda through medical camps and health education

Can you imagine walking for 3-5 miles to reach a nearest health facility? This is the reality of many people in rural Uganda where access to good health care facilities is an agonizing experience. To address this difficulty, URF partners with medical students from University of Minnesota to run a series of medical camps during […]

Lighting up the future of Uganda’s children with solar in schools

Light is an essential necessity. For students, having light at night to study can make a huge difference in their performance. Many students in rural areas come from homes that have no electricity and can not study at night. Some schools are not connected to the grid. Even for those on the grid, Ugandan electricity […]

Students making herbal soap and jelly to support their education

The students at Hope Academy are making herbal soap and jelly as a strategy for the school to become self-reliant and reduce dependency on donor funding. The main objective of this project is three-fold: to generate income using local resources to produce a product with a local market.; to act as a means of improving […]

Empowering rural Ugandan women through village banking & business skills

In rural Uganda women not only bear the responsibility of raising children, but also the burden of looking for the economic welfare of the family. The village banking program is a way to empower these women financial resources to enable them sustain their families. URF has been supporting a village banking program for over 5 […]