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Students making herbal soap and jelly to support their education

The students at Hope Academy are making herbal soap and jelly as a strategy for the school to become self-reliant and reduce dependency on donor funding. The main objective of this project is three-fold: to generate income using local resources to produce a product with a local market.; to act as a means of improving […]

Empowering rural Ugandan women through village banking & business skills

In rural Uganda women not only bear the responsibility of raising children, but also the burden of looking for the economic welfare of the family. The village banking program is a way to empower these women financial resources to enable them sustain their families. URF has been supporting a village banking program for over 5 […]

New Main Hall/Community Center to provide space for school and community activities

Our Main Hall/Community Center is nearly completed. We still need for completing the roof, installing windows, doors, and concrete floor. The structure is large. It can be divided into three rooms which could be used as classrooms as well. The hall will be multipurpose as a community center. Among its uses include: – National examination […]

Gift of Shelter: A new House transforming the lives of kids in a child-headed family

In May 2013, URF completed a new home for a child-headed family in Bugonzi village. You can see the transformation in the picture from – from the old shack to the new brick house home. Many thanks to all generous people who have given the precious gift of shelter to these children. A URF Cadanian […]

Univ. of Minnesota engineering students bring clean water to poor households in rural Uganda

Access to clean water is a huge challenge for many people in rural Uganda. Working with EWB students from University of Minnesota, URF has started building rainwater harvesting systems for households in rural villages. This summer of 2013, two families are enjoying clean water as a result this effort.   In Uganda, “38% of the […]

Igniting the creative potential of Ugandan youth through arts and crafts

In an effort to impart practical skills in students going through Hope Academy, URF established the Creative Arts and Crafts Center which offers training in various crafts, painting, music, dance and drama. Students make jewelry out beads made from recycled papers. Other products include sandals, greeting cards, African textile designs, etc. This project equips students […]

Canadian students join Hope Academy students for community service in rural Uganda

On May 11th, a group of 23 Canadian college students along with their professors joined Hope Academy students and URF staff to clean up the town of Kyetume. The project is part of URF’s effort to promote sanitation and basic community health in the area. The student group was part of the VIDEA’s May Field […]

Hope Junior School: Providing a solid foundation for Kids to succeed at higher education

Hope Junior School was established in February 2013 as a kindergarten and later to evolve into a primary school. The school’s curriculum is designed to provide a solid academic foundation to prepare children to excel in secondary and higher education institutions. This initiative is a response to the cry of parents who fear for their small children […]

Teachers’ Housing at Hope Academy: Giving students access to teachers for extra help

Access to teachers in and out of the classroom is key to a student’s success in school, especially for those who need some extra help. To achieve this goal, URF has constructed teachers’ quarters at Hope Academy to provide living space for six full time teachers and staff. On-campus teachers’ housing saves us money we […]

Raising Pigs as an income venture to enhance sustainable development

We do great work and our vision is that these projects would transform the community for generations to come. But how do you ensure that this work will be sustainable in the long-run when you are  dependent on the generosity of donors? This is a big question all us working in the aid industry wrestle with. […]