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New facility for Welding and Soap & Jelly production ventures to promote vocational education

Students from underprivileged communities have very limited opportunities for higher education due to financial constraints. URF is addressing this challenge by implementing vocational programs that provide practical skills training to students at Hope Academy and other youth in the area. This summer, 2014, we have started construction of a facility that will house a Welding […]

Harnessing the power of Sun: Solar system enhancing education for Africa’s children

In summer of 2014, a group of Virginia Tech engineering students installed a new solar panels to expand the solar system at Hope Academy to meet the increasing demand for energy on campus. The original system was designed in 2008 when the school had only one building with less than 100 students and currently enrollment […]

A gift of a Goat, an economic empowerment for Ugandan children

To empower children toward economic independence, URF has given goats to children in rural communities. The pilot project involved 50 students each receiving a goat to raise at home.  The expected income from the project will go toward the education of the children. The project will be self-sustaining; the first offspring will be passed to […]

Engaging students in community development and acquire practical skills

As URF attempts to build up our community, we endeavor to engage students in the process of development. The cost of attending Hope Academy is subsidized by nearly 65% for all students. Yet still there are many underprivileged students who can not afford to pay anything. Part of the school program is a built-in community […]

A new home brings joy and hope to a child-headed family in rural Uganda

Uganda struggles to care for nearly 2.0 million children left as orphans. Among the major challenges of these children is housing. URF has stepped to help and to-date we have constructed seven homes for child-headed families. In May, 2014, we completed building a new house for Lydia and her granny in Bugonzi village. Lydia is 10 […]

Raising pigs as a strategy for sustainability

Sustainability is a buzz word in the aid industry. We do great work and our vision is that these projects would transform the community for generations to come. But how do you ensure that this work will be sustainable in the long-run when you are  dependent on the generosity of donors? This is a big question […]

Empowering rural women through business and entrepreneurship skills training

When you empower a woman, you empower a family. At URF, we make effort to transform villages by transforming the lives of women. We do this through a number of programs including piggery project, village banking, and agriculture training. In addition, URF provides business skills workshops to empower women with managerial and financial skills they […]

Motor bike to ease field transportation for staff reaching out in rural villages

URF is committed to transforming rural communities through our high-impact projects ranging from education, health care, orphans’ shelter, women empowerment, to water and sanitation. However, due lack of proper transportation infrastructure, reaching these communities becomes a great difficulty. To resolve this problem, URF has recently purchased a motor cycle to ease transportation for staff as […]

Textbooks to enhance the learning experience of kindergartners in Uganda

Give them books, they will learn – knowledge that will transform not only their lives but their families and communities as well. Recently, we purchased a collection of textbooks for kindergarten through primary six. Also another set of 10 desks was added to allow the kids more space in their classrooms. Thanks friends who made […]

Chairs and tents rental business to empower women in rural Uganda

Chairs and tents rental business to empower women in rural Uganda

Chairs and tent, a small business venture for URF women’s empowerment group. The chairs and tent are rented out for meetings, weddings, graduations, funerals, etc. in the local community. The women collect the revenue to support their families. Thanks to our friends at Camosun College, BC, Canada for making this project a reality and for […]