Youth camp experience for life skills in Uganda

Academic rigor is not enough to shape our youth into well-rounded adults who would be prepared to take on the challenges of contemporary society. With this belief, every year URF hosts a number of youth camps at the Hope Academy in Masaka, Uganda as a platform to develop life skills critical to forming a well-rounded person.

While the camps are filled with fun activities such as games, sports, storytelling, and competitions, the diverse array of activities provide an opportunity for team building, public speaking, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

Speakers share their life experiences and teach on a variety of topics relevant to the youth of today. Topics often include: youth employment, community service, business skills, wellness and health issues, hiv/aids, career guidance, professional development, leadership, vision setting, etc.

The camp weekend also involves community service projects, especially in form of manual labor to give the youth some practical experience and also educate them on the importance of giving back to the community.