Winnie’s life transformed by love: restoring hope to a girl without feet

Meet Winnie, a girl I have been privileged to know for the past several weeks now. She has been a friend and like a sister to me. Winnie is 18 years old. A rare disease claimed her feet – it all started in 2013 and affected blood vessels cutting blood flow to the feet. Winnie has remained strong through all this agony; she is a fighter.


URF stepped in to assist with treatment, buying her more than two-years supply of medicine,a wheelchair, household supplies, and renting the family a larger house. The 5 children and their dad previously lived in one tinny room.

You can see the transformation on her face as a result of URF intervention – providing a wheelchair, medication, nutrition, and basic needs. Winnie is currently at a rehab hospital and will soon get custom-made feet so she can walk again.  After rehab, she will start school at Hope Academy to finish high school. A girl who once prayed that she may die instead of enduring agonizing pain, can now smile. A true testament as to how loving care can transform a life.

Thanks to all friends who have stood with Winnie in this painful process of healing. Please continue your prayers and support.


Winnie-Aug10-15 Winnie-sharp Winnie-legs Winnie7 Winnie6 Winnie5 Winnie4 Winnie3 Winnie2 Winnie1 Winnie