How proper nutrition and care given with love can transform life of a vulnerable child

At the time we met Janet in April, she was a 2 year old girl wrapped in a body of a six month old baby. She was severely malnourished while under the care of her handicapped granny, who cannot even walk but only crawls like a baby.  Janet could not talk or walk. The family of five lives in a small grass-thatched house which was nearly falling.  About a month prior to our visit, another child had died of similar conditions in the same household.Janet-jjajja1

URF intervened by asking granny for permission to take Janet to our clinic to be under close supervision of the nurses. In the past three months we have seen a great transformation in the life of this child. Janet has started talking and walking, which she couldn’t do at the time we met her. All this girl needed was proper nutrition and loving care. Thanks to our volunteers Saskia, Ben, Sandra, Habiiba, & URF nurses who have nursed Janet back to a normal life. She is now full of life.

Janet-cake Exam-firstday Saskia-Janet Janet-Sandra