Giving hope to a hermaphrodite child, relieving a mother’s anxiety

Leticia, 2.5 year old and mother is a child herself; Mirembe is only 17. Leticia is hermaphrodite child; she is a girl but also has male genitalia. Her hormones are messed up and at this age she already has pubic hair.

We met Leticia in May. URF is helping her undergo all necessary lab tests and operations.  The mother, Mirembe, dropped out of school in grade 6 when she became pregnant. The man responsible for the pregnancy denied the baby. Mirembe was stranded with the baby and getting no help.

Next year Mirembe will start high school at Hope Academy and Leticia will join pre-school at Hope Junior School.


The first surgery was done on July 14th in Kampala. Leticia is doing well and recovering slowly. Please keep her in your prayers.


Leticia-Ben Leticia-Winnie Leticia-mirembe2