A gift of a Goat, an economic empowerment for Ugandan children

To empower children toward economic independence, URF has given goats to children in rural communities. The pilot project involved 50 students each receiving a goat to raise at home.  The expected income from the project will go toward the education of the children. The project will be self-sustaining; the first offspring will be passed to another student.

Additionally, we have set up the Hope Goats Farm to to serve as a demonstration farm for students and local community.

URF is implementing the project in partnership with students from University of Florida and Davidson College. 


Goats are sustainable income sources and are low maintenance animals. They produce two to four kids per year which can be sold or kept for reproduction.  Goats are low cost to maintain as they feed on local grass. The grass also provides health benefits minimizing the need for multiple expensive vaccinations. Goats are used for food and milk.  The skin is used for fabrics, shoes and house mats. The drops and urine can also be used for manure. The income generated is primarily used to pay for school fees, purchase basic needs such as food and clothes and fund other business opportunities.