A new home brings joy and hope to a child-headed family in rural Uganda

Uganda struggles to care for nearly 2.0 million children left as orphans. Among the major challenges of these children is housing. URF has stepped to help and to-date we have constructed seven homes for child-headed families.

In May, 2014, we completed building a new house for Lydia and her granny in Bugonzi village. Lydia is 10 years old and has taken on care of her grandmother for several years now since her parents died. They lived in a tiny house which was in a very bad shape. Lydia’s story touched many people who came forward to help. Lydia also got a sponsor and started school this year — all signs of hope for a better future for this little bright girl.


The house has 3 rooms. Two bedrooms left and right and a common living room in the middle. There is a kitchen and food storage space. It also included a toilet/latrine. Many thanks to Julius, his family and friends in Germany and many others who have made sacrifices to give a gift of shelter to Lydia and granny.


The old house

There are many other families such Lydia who need help. If you can give a gift of housing, please contact us at jmlugemwa@ugandaruralfund.org

Thank You.