Building a new house: A gift of shelter for a child-headed family

Lydia is 10 years old and has taken on care of her grandmother for several years now since her parents died. They live in a tiny house which is in a bad shape. Lydia’s story has touched many people who have come forward to help. As a result, we are building a new house for Lydia and granny. Lydia also got a sponsor and started school this year — all signs of hope for a better future for this little bright girl.


The house will have 3 rooms. Two bedrooms left and right and a common living room in the middle. There is a kitchen and food storage space. Even a toilet/latrine is being dug. Many thanks to Julius, his family and friends in Germany and many others who have made sacrifices to give a gift of shelter to Lydia and granny.

Please keep them in your prayers as we collaborate with some friends to raise funds to build them a new house in the coming months or so.  Any contribution toward’s Lydia’s house would be welcome –

– $10 buys 140 bricks
– $15 buys 1 bag of cement ( 80 bags needed)
– $8 buys 1 ironsheet for roofing (50 needed)
– $90 buys 1 wooden door (3 needed)
– $150 buys 1 main metal door
– $110 buys 1 window (4 needed)

Donate now online   or by check to
Uganda Rural Fund, 12829 River Road, Richmond, VA 23238.

Thank You.

Old house