New Main Hall/Community Center to provide space for school and community activities

Our Main Hall/Community Center is nearly completed. We still need for completing the roof, installing windows, doors, and concrete floor.

main hall/community center in rural uganda
The structure is large. It can be divided into three rooms which could be used as classrooms as well. The hall will be multipurpose as a community center. Among its uses include:
– National examination center for S.4 students (before we had to send them somewhere else and pay the other school)
– School assemblies
– Theater – student dance/music/drama performances
– Community workshops
– Village banking meetings (they have been meeting outside under the trees)
And anything else as needed.
Many THANKS to the Hall family,  College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, and other donors whose gifts over the last few months have made this project possible. We are very grateful.
What’s remaining to finish:
– Roofing: 80 more iron sheets for back side: $10 each – roughly $800
– Windows: 19 and each at $160 for total of $3040  (including glass)
– Doors: 3 each costing $180 for total of $540 (including glass)
– Floors (cement, gravel, sand etc): $2,250
– Plastering inner walls (cement, sand): $925
– Plastering outer walls (cement, sand): $1250
– Veranda (gravel, sand,gravel): $470
– Painting: $430
TOTAL: $9,700 for fully complete the project
The main piece is the roof, windows, and doors. Once those are in, the building can be used as we finish the rest gradually.
Any contribution would be appreciated. You can donate online or send a check to Uganda Rural Fund,  12829 River Road, Richmond, VA 23238.