Gift of Shelter: A new House transforming the lives of kids in a child-headed family

In May 2013, URF completed a new home for a child-headed family in Bugonzi village. You can see the transformation in the picture from – from the old shack to the new brick house home. Many thanks to all generous people who have given the precious gift of shelter to these children.


A URF Cadanian intern, Adam Weaver, writes: “I’ve been travelling to a nearby village called Bugonzi, where URF is in the process of building a home for a ‘child-headed family’ (generally a home in which both parents have passed away, and where a child, in this case an 8 year-old is the leader of the family of 6 other children). It was eye opening to see the current living conditions of this young family, and it really is amazing that they are able to feed themselves, however little it may be. The Van was getting fixed all week, so we made the 16km trek through jungle-like territory to get there.”

Over the past several year, URF has build five homes for child-headed families. Proper safe housing is a critical need for these families. Many more such families are in need of shelter; if you can help, please let us know.



This video features some of the families in need