Hope Junior School: Providing a solid foundation for Kids to succeed at higher education

Hope Junior School was established in February 2013 as a¬†kindergarten¬†and later to evolve into a primary school. The school’s curriculum is designed to provide a solid academic foundation to prepare children to excel in secondary and higher education institutions.


This initiative is a response to the cry of parents who fear for their small children the danger of crossing busy roads to get to school. The kids can now walk to school without having to cross dangerous roads.

Our hope is that we can give these children a unique and quality education that they would otherwise not get any other local village schools. Many village school lack resources and struggle to attract good trained teachers.

Often kids from underprivileged communities struggle academically at high school and college as a result of lacking a solid academic foundation at the kindergarten and primary school level that would have prepared them for higher education.

Hope Junior School’s Early Childhood program focuses on the development of the whole child. The School provides a nurturing and stimulating environment, allowing children discover their world and become life-long learners.