Raising Pigs as an income venture to enhance sustainable development

piggery-urfWe do great work and our vision is that these projects would transform the community for generations to come. But how do you ensure that this work will be sustainable in the long-run when you are  dependent on the generosity of donors? This is a big question all us working in the aid industry wrestle with.

At URF, we are focusing our attention to designing and implementing income-generating ventures to work toward the above goal. In February 2013, we completed building a pig pen in collaboration with students from the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University in Minnesota who funded the whole project.


Five students travelled to Uganda to work with our staff and students to construct the pig pen with capacity of housing 32 pigs. Pigs need great care and if well-fed, they can be sold at 10 months bringing in about $70-100. There is a big market for pork in Uganda.

We hope that the revenue generated from this project will offset ongoing costs of operating the Hope Academy for orphan children.


Other income ventures we have set up already include, a chicken project, creative arts and crafts center, as well as making herbal soap and jelly (vaseline). All these products are sold locally. These projects have created employment for local youth and also stimulate the economy in general. The projects are also used as a medium of vocational training for the students.

Thanks to everyone who generously contributed to this project. Special THANKS to the students from St. John’ University and College of St. Benedict for their passion and dedication to the good of our children in need.