Orphan Epidemic: Nine-Year-Old Boy Cares for Three Siblings and Elderly Grandmother

Nalukoowe family of four kids

Nalukoowe family of four kids

One out of every seven children in Uganda are orphans.  The epidemic is largely attributed to the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis in Uganda. Uganda Rural Fund (URF) recently identified five child-headed families who are struggling to survive against all odds. These orphans display bravery uncommon even in adults, by carrying the burden, head of household.

Even the most untrained eye can see the needs of these at-risk families. Any in-kind assistance or monetary donations will vastly improve the lives of these kids.

They need basic supplies such as: books, pencils, shoes, cloths, bed sheets, blankets, mattresses, soap, cups, pans, plates, soap, salt, etc.  School sponsorship would be a great help; these kids need to secure an education to ensure a bright future.

Housing is a critical to the health and safety of these families. With the help of fundraising and donations URF is able to provides houses for these at-risk families; any contribution is greatly appreciated.

You can donate online at www.ugandaruralfund.org or by check to Uganda Rural Fund at 475 Main Street, West Springfield, MA 01089.

In Uganda you can mobile money to 0773-797-442 or drop off donations at Shop L11 at Namaganda Plaza in Nakasero.

Call John Mary at 763-291-1102 for any details.  Thanks so much.


FAMILY 1: Nalukoowe J

Status: Four children Talemwa, 1; Ssemwanga, 4; Kisolo, 5; and Birimuye, age 9. In May Birimuye’s mother passed away and left him alone to take care of his grandmother age 70 and his three siblings.  Under such dire conditions, he has had to drop out of school and farm the family’s tiny plot of land.  In spite of his extraordinary efforts the farm is not enough to support him and his family.

Nakafeero family of two kids

FAMILY 2: Nakafeero  E

Status: Two children Ssenyange and Kiyimba living with their grandmother age 80. Their parents passed away in 2010.  SSenyange and Kiyimba are now responsible for their grandmother. They live in Bugonzi, village.

FAMILY 3: Mukamusoni   M

Status: One child Nakawuma 12-years-old, she lives with her grandmother age 70. Nakawuma’s mother is disabled and her father passed away ten years ago. She balances taking care of her mother and grandmother, working the farm and going to school. They are peasant farmers living in Bugonzi village.

FAMILY 4: Nalwoga M

Nyinatunze family- a boy and granny

Status: Six children Nabisere Safina, 4; Kazigo Sulaina, 6; Nabatonda Ishah, 7; Nabiryo Madia, 10; Kasamba Muhamed,13; and Zzake Muhamad, age 16. Their father died of AIDS in May leaving the children to care for their sick mother who is battling AIDS. The six children go to Kyetume primary school.

FAMILY: Nyinanatunza E

Status: One child Kiyimba, 14 years old lives with his grandmother age 85. Kiyimba’s parents passed away and he dropped out of school shortly after. They are peasant farmers.




Mukamusomi family


Nalwoga family of six kids; mother is HIV positive