Solar lamps for all Students at Hope Academy to enable them to study at night

URF gave each student at Hope Academy a solar lamp to enable them to read at home during the night. Our students come from rural villages with no electricity and the price of kerosene becomes a hindrance for many of them to study from home.

Some students walk long distances to get to school and by the time they get home in the evening, it’s already dark. They only time they would have to study at home is during the night. The majority of our students come from very poor families who cannot afford sufficient amounts of kerosene that the students need to study at night everyday.

The solar lamps are given to a student but remain the property of the school. Once the student is done with school, they bring the lamp back so it can be used by new students. This system was instituted for sustainability because we would not be able to afford buying new solar lamps every year for new students.

Many thanks to all of you who generously contributed funds to make this project a reality. The students are very grateful and have high hopes that their academic performance will improve.