Alcohol and your life: Sensitizing students on the dangers of Alcohol

How much alcohol on average does Uganda consume in comparison to the rest of the world?”

“What is your opinion on underage drinking?”

“How do you look after an intoxicated person?”

These were just some of the interesting discussions generated by URF Train the Trainer Alcohol Workshop held on Tuesday April 17th!

The 1.5 hour workshop was facilitated by Jess Santos (URF Volunteer), and attended by 8 URF and Hope Academy staff. It introduced participants to a range of culturally relevant, youth specific and interactive activities which can be used to engage students in discussing a range of alcohol related topics including:

  • The social and legal contexts surrounding alcohol use in Uganda.
  • The difference between responsible alcohol use, alcohol abuse and dependence.
  • First aid responses to alcohol intoxication.
  • Supporting people with an alcohol problem to seek help.
  • Personal resilience factors which protect against problematic alcohol use.

Workshop participants had a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a student and actively participate in the activities, which were also discussed from a facilitator perspective – where their aims and rationale were explained, as well as how to introduce, conclude and manage student participation.

Participants will facilitate this workshop with a range of secondary school students and local youth. The launch of the workshop will take place at the upcoming URF Youth Camp in May 2012.

Thank you for everyone who participated, good luck, and HAVE FUN!