Promoting leadership among the youth to ensure sustainable development

For ideas to burst into reality, projects to launch off the ground and communities to progress and develop, we need skilled, dedicated and ethical leaders.

Leadership is not just about being “charismatic” or “popular”.  It involves a much more complex skill set including the ability to connect with and influence others, as well as lead by example with not just words, but planned, and effective actions.

With approximately 24% Uganda’s population currently aged between 10-19 years, it is these attributes which Uganda Rural Fund aims to promote through its work with local youth.

This week saw URF’s Leadership Institute receive the Uganda Rural Fund Youth Leadership Manual – a custom made resource developed for the youth that URF serve – by URF volunteer Jess Santos.

The manual contains a variety of activities designed to build key skills essential for effective leadership including communication, positive relationships, emotion management, dealing with conflict and goal setting. It utilises a range of strengths based, creative and practical approaches, which can be immediately applied to develop the leadership capacities of both schools and youth associations.

The manual is accompanied by a briefing document for teachers and youth association coordinators which outlines a range of practical activities which compliment the workshops and provide real-life opportunities for youth to practically apply knowledge and skills learnt.

The manual will be used by URF in a variety of settings including youth camps and conferences, local schools, in addition to youth groups and associations.