Netball-a fun sport that builds character, leadership, & health competition among girls

With Hope Interschool Football fever raging through the academy, it was naturally time to follow suit with NETBALL!

At present, Hope Academy Netball games have been taking place on a VERY rough court next to the boys soccer pitch. Without bibs distinguishing who plays what and for whom, girls engage in a lengthy and passionate discussion in Luganda which involves a lot of standing up and bobbing down, followed by breakouts of laughter and protest (mainly from myself!) when players accidently throw to the wrong team! Boundaries are non existent and goals are often unavailable – on these occasions scoring a point involves bouncing the ball into a small hole in the ground, a bit like scoring a goal in European handball.

Whilst these are creative and resourceful responses, and a fun time is had by all, it does create challenges for attracting girls to participate, improving players skills, and it is somewhat limiting for the development of the school netball team.

Last week saw Hope Academy acquire an official “Hope Academy Netball Kit”, comprising of an official netball, whistle, and two sets of netball bibs. At the same time, netball grading has been taking place, and next term there will be a Hope Academy Interschool Netball Competition involving 3 teams, 8 matches and over 30 students!

In addition, we have had a surprise resurrection of the Hope Academy Netball Field!

For some time it has been hidden by the lawn in the front yard of the school. It seems that with all the positive netball developments, the girls have remembered it again! On the last Friday of classes they surprised everyone by grabbing some digging hoes and re- exposing the court! They even found the school goals! This made for a fun netball game to end the school term and it is anticipated that future competitions will now take place on these more convenient school grounds.

A good luck to all of the girls who will play next term!

By Jess Santos