Empowering rural Youth through village banking (micro-finance) and business skills

URF Youth United to Serve organised a village banking training on Saturday 10th, March 2012 to help them acquire the some business skills and promote a culture of saving the little money they get in order to help themselves plan for the future.

Village banking/micro-finance training

This group was launched this year in january and now it has over 30 members. Next month in April they are planning to start saving money in their bank (Co-Save/village bank). From this village bank they will be getting smalls loans to help them start up small businesses in their communities.

Membership in the group includes both students and non students. Their aim is to live a better life through hard work, honesty, and collaboration.

In May 2012, they are planning to start up animal rearing project where by every member gets an animal to help them have an income generating project. We hope that these small steps are concrete ways to address the problem of unemployment among the youth in Uganda.   by Mukeere IV Martin, staff