Leadership Institute offering leadership training for kids in primary schools

At URF, we believe that without good leadership, our communities can not see any development. The people have to be empowered to become the champions of change within their communities. As a result URF established a Leadership Institute to advance this vision.

Bugonzi Primary School

URF staff and international volunteers are carrying out leadership workshops in primary schools in villages where URF operates.

Kaliziso Primary School

These workshops are focusing on: Public Speaking, Goal Setting, Respect and Listening skills, Parents and Teachers as role models in leadership.

The students and teachers have liked the training and they have requested URF to continue with this program. The students have expressed great interest in leadership matters because it’s something new to them. There are no elements of leadership in a typical Ugandan education curriculum at the moment.

Next, URF staff and the international volunteers are extending these workshops to the High schools.

by Martin Mugerwa, URF staff