Youth United to Serve: A new youth group empowered to address youth challenges & curb poverty

First youth meeting, Jan 2011

As the youth under URF guidance, we realize the immense potential to make a difference in our communities inspired by the education URF has given us and many opportunities for leadership and personal development.

As a result we have mobilized ourselves by forming URF Youth association named “YOUTH UNITED TO SERVE.” It is basically formed by those who have been beneficiaries of URF programs, their relatives and friends. Their vision is “TO KEEP ALL THE YOUTH IN DEVELOPMENT TOGETHER”.

In our first meeting, we elected leaders who will move the association forward and mobilize other youth in the surrounding area to join us.

Mission: Youth working together in solidarity to curb poverty.

Our Objectives include:
1. fostering youth activism and community engagement
2. empowering youth with practical life skills
3. empowering young people to unite toward a common good
4. fostering networking and collaboration among young people
5. fostering personal development and enhancement of self-image of the youths

We have discussed the needs of rural youth and we plan to engage in the following activities:

  • Sports activities and tournaments
  • Savings scheme like the co-save which has been very successful with the women’s groups
  • Peer guidance
  • Community service projects – members identify needs in the community, develop a priority list, and draw up an implementation plan in collaboration with the community and URF staff.
  • Group income ventures
  • Educational and safari trips to cultural and wildlife sites around Uganda
  • Youth camps on weekends – covering a wide range of topics
  • Giving talks in schools on various topics e.g. exam preparation, friendships/relationships, peer pressure, value of education, career guidance
  • Assist with orientation of international volunteers – introducing them to the community and about life in Uganda
  • Assist URF staff and volunteers on various projects as your time permits
  • Social nights – that may involve movies, games, etc

By Mukalazi Silver, Chairperson- YUTS