2011 Achievements: Clinic, 3 Medical camps, Leadership Institute, Village health workers, Solar, 2 Homes, & more

Because of your generosity and kind support, 2011 was a wonderful year for URF and we registered some amazing achievements. We would like to THANK YOU for your kind support this past year and all the years we have been engaged in grassroots community development work since 2005. Without your prayers, support and sacrifices as a volunteer, donor, partner, and friend, URF could not have made this much impact to the communities we serve.

Hope Academy 2011 Students

2011 Accomplishments Made Possible by Your Generosity:
  • Conducted 3 Medical Camps where over 600 people were screened, tested for HIV, or treated– in collaboration with medical students from University of Minnesota and Makerere University, and a UK nurse. 
  • Opened a Medical Clinic now serving students and people from the neighboring villages 
  • Trained Village Health Workers providing basic health education and monitoring within their communities 
  • Purchased a Medical Van which transports patients for free to major hospitals in emergency situations.
  • Provided basic skills training in Entrepreneurship and Business Management in collaboration with students from Weber State University
  • Enrollment reached 154 students at Hope Academy with almost 70% of the students being orphans and with your support we have been able to provide them a good education. 
  • Piggery project

    A class of 24 students have completed their O’level studies at Hope Academy this year. Some of them had lost hope of completing high school because they had dropped out of school. 

  • Conducted a week-long I.T. Camp for kids where over 35 students gained basic computer skills.
  • We launched the Leadership Institute for promoting visionary, ethical, and accountable leadership as a catalyst for community development. Leadership workshops have been facilitated for students, young professionals, and village leaders. 
  • Built 2 houses: one for a granny and another house for a child-headed family 
  • Nearly completed a student dormitory which will reduce the burden of walking long distances for our students.
  • Women Empowerment and Village Banking programs have expanded to help more than 300 women whom we have empowered to start their own small businesses. 
  • Built over 60 dry stands to improve household sanitation for families in the villages.  
  • Organized a Teachers’ workshop and URF staff capacity development workshop. 
  • Empowered people to take action on major challenges in their communities through the Community Strategic Planning conference, and as a result a community Kindergarten school has been open with 62 students. 
  • Installed Solar power system at the Nazareth Orphanage through a partnership with EWB at Virginia Tech. 
  • Nurse, Jane checking a patients eyes

    Revamped our science lab at Hope Academy with new lab equipment and supplies to improve science education for our students. 

  • Planted vegetable gardens for child-headed families to improve nutrition and food security for the kids.
You can read about many more great accomplishments at www.UgandaRuralFund.org 
We look forward to a stronger partnership with you in the coming new year. Once again, your generosity is very much appreciated. Any contribution will improve our service delivery, expand our work and double the impact we are making on the rural communities we serve.

Leadership workshop in Kamusenene

You can donate online at www.ugandaruralfund.org or by check to:

Uganda Rural Fund 
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URF team, neighbors, and granny Berna at new house


ICT Training in December


Community strategic planning workshop


Kids at the new community school in Gankanga village


Revamped Science lab at Hope Academy