I.T Camp: Bridging the digital-divide, empowering rural kids through information technology

Basic computer skills are essential to function in this modern society yet the digital-divide is still huge. Students in rural schools lack access to information technology resources which limits their competitiveness in their academic career and on the job market.

During December, 2011 URF organized a week-long free I.T Camp for basic computer skills at Hope Academy for kids from all neighboring schools.  Over 50 participants benefited from the training. There was also some adults including teachers.

One of the students, a teacher by profession, John Bosco said that, “I have been excited to have this time to learn about computers which I missed during my study time. I have always tried to learn the computer but all along I had never got this chance to have a special time of learning computer. I have learnt much today and I hope by the end of this week I will well equiped with the basics of the computer. Thanks so much URF”.

And other also testify to their experience of the IT camp below:
“I enjoyed and learnt how to print and design cards” – Sarah
“It was fun and I learnt how to type documents and designing cards”–Rachael
“I learnt how to use some digital devices like camera, projector”–Richard
“I earnt how to design a calendar, saving documents”–Ritah
“I learnt how to open files and saving documents”–John Bosco
“I learnt how to print and make invitation cards” –James
“It was enjoyable and learnt how to make invitation cards in publisher”–Claire
“Enjoyable and learnt how to design calenders and cards”– John Mark

The challenge we have is the shortage of machines to practice on; we have had 17 computers in full usage and several students had to sit on one machine. Many thanks to Crystal Springs Uplands School, USA who donated six laptops to us and were very useful during the IT camp. We appreciate your generosity in sharing IT resources that are making a positive impact in the lives of kids in rural Uganda.

Also many thanks to volunteers in US and Canada who contributed teaching resources, and our staff and Kampala volunteers who facilitated the training.