Textbooks and Solar Lamps for quality education at Hope Academy

Students reading in the Library

“Hope students have time use the books in the library to supplement on what the teachers teach in the class. However, the books are insufficient for the growing number of the students.”…Thaddeus Kweyamba, the Headmaster

Imagine going through school without access to textbooks, yet you have to study for national exams and compete with students in rich schools. You surely “need a lot of luck!”. URF is on a campaign to change this for the kids at Hope Academy and surrounding villages. This video below is a story of students making a case for the need for textbooks and a solar lamps for every student. The solar lamps will enable students to study at night from home where they don’t have electricity and kerosene is not affordable for most families.  Watch the video below:

TEXTBOOKS and SOLAR LAMPS for Students at Hope Academy

Please kindly consider a gift of quality EDUCATION for these kids by sending a check to Uganda Rural Fund, P.O. Box 388. West Springfield, MA 01090 OR Donate online at www.UgandaRuralFund.org Thank you so much.