Sharing with Orphans: URF villages donating food for kids at the orphanage

Kids loading some of the food and fruits

Families in villages URF supports are donating food every two weeks to share with the children at the orphanage. Foods such as cassava, potatoes, bananas, beans, corn and various fruits have been generously donated by various families.

If we all chip in to help one another, I believe that we do have the potential as Ugandans or African’s in general to solve our problems. Recently, we approached the women in URF women empowerment group and the village bank with an idea of each family donating some food, whatever they can afford, to share with the kids at Nazareth Orphanage. The idea was welcome with enthusiastic support.

November 12, 2011 was the first collection day and the villages of Gankanga and Lwempa donated the food to last the kids at the orphanage for about two weeks. A rotating schedule was drawn out so that three or two village donate the food after every two weeks. URF ladies help collect the food from families and staff deliver it to the orphanage. Two or three representative from the village travel with URF staff to be introduced to the orphanage and where the difference their generosity is making.

One of the ladies who donated food

Instead of spending energy fundraising for food overseas, we can focus on projects that need funding for things we can not afford or can not obtain from with the communities. It is a really a shame doing fundraising campaigns for food to feed kids in Uganda when all us in the villages produce plenty of food. Why not inspire people to give back and feed “our own people” instead of waiting for generous people from the west to donate food for us. URF is pushing to change this.

Thanks to all the families who have responded to this call and reached out to make a difference sharing the little they have. Together, we can work toward better living conditions for children of Africa.



Children at the Orphanage