Leadership foundation at the grassroots: grooming leaders within communities

Leadership workshop in Kamusenene

At URF, we believe that without good leadership, our communities can not see any form of sustainable development. The people have to be empowered to be the champions of change within their communities. As a result, URF has established a Leadership Institute to advance this vision. Workshops on leadership are rotated in each village and local schools. The program targets village leaders and general population.  Below, a staff writes about the first leadership workshop in the village of Kamusenene.

“URF has started a leadership program as a tool to equip people in the communities and schools where it operates with the leadership skills and to improve on the leadership of the organization. URF staff accompanied by other prominent leaders have arranged different leadership workshops in different communities.

On Friday November 11, 2011, URF staff started with the Kamusenene village as the first village to host the leadership training series. The presenters discussed the meaning of leadership, it’s foundation, and what it means to be a leader. They also talked about roles and characteristics of the leaders.

The community members were excited to learn new leadership skills. They asked that this institution should go on because it will help other people in rural communities to learn about leadership and how they be good leaders within their families and communities.  They requested that next time when URF staff goes back, they need to be taught about democracy, federalism, decentralization and centralization and other systems of governance.  They are also curious to discuss general leadership in Uganda.”