Joy of a new HOUSE for granny Berna – thanks to URF supporters

URF team, neighbors, and granny Berna at new house

Living in a dilapidated house with fears of collapsing any day was an experience that characterized granny Berna’s life for the past several years. It has all come to an end and now she celebrates the joys of living in a new simple, but comfortable house.

Thanks to all our supporters, URF staff, Hope Academy students, volunteers, Kampala chapter and neighbors have completed building a small house for the granny. It’s a two room simple house, big enough for Berna. The excitement on her face was unbelievable as she watched the house being completed.

URF also put together a CARE PACKAGE for the granny that consisted of a number of basic household supplies such as: cups, plates, pans, a carpet, bed sheets, blanket, lantern, sugar, salt, paraffin, tea bags, etc.


Granny receiving her care package from URF


URF team at work

Naomi Plasky, volunteer at work



Granny's old house


Norah, Kampala chapter member plastering the house