Generating income while learning a skill: students making beads (for jewelry) from recycled paper

students making beads

In an effort to impart practical skills in students going through Hope Academy, we established the Creative Arts and Crafts Center which offers training in various crafts, painting, music, dance and drama.

In the picture on the right are some of the students at Hope Integrated academy, Jane (tailor) and Flavia being involved in making beads from recycled papers. These beads are used to make necklaces and bracelets.  Students participating in this craft also count it as one of the community service projects undertaken at URF.

Flavia, URF staff, making beads

This project equips students with life skills that can help them in making money and be able to sustain themselves now and in the future.

The sale of beads locally and internally also brings in money which is used in meeting in various needs.

Written by Flavia Nakasiita, URF staff.





the necklaces they make