Enrollment rises to 62 pupils at St. Mary Junior Academy

Pioneer students at the Academy

A community school, just a few months in operation is seeing gradual increase in enrollment. St. Mary Junior Academy was started as a community effort by parents of the Gankanga and surrounding villages in collaboration with URF.

Parents committed to staffing and supporting their school as an investment in their children’s education. So far, three teachers have come out from the community to teach their over 60 kids in kindergarten level.

As you can imagine the challenges of starting a school with no funding are tremendous. The students and school as a whole has a lot of needs:

– Uniforms
– Desks
– Chalks and other supplies
– Text books
– Salaries for teachers
– and many others

Any assistance would be appreciated. Contact us if you wish to support the education of these little ones who are the future of Gankanga and Uganda as a whole.