A village pledges to build a house for a granny: seeks help with roofing, door, windows


Granny, Berna at her house

Lwetamu village has committed to building a house for granny whose old house is crumbling.  This granny, Berna lives alone. She lost all the seven children she had and her husband. The community has pledged material to build her a new house and is seeking URF assisting with funds for roof, windows, door, nails.

URF Kampala chapter members will work with the locals to build the house on weekend of Oct 26-28. Any contribution of $10, $25 or 5000UGX, 10000UGX or more wld be appreciated. In Uganda, you can mobile money it to 0777-178937.

What’s needed: 12 iron sheets @$10 =$120; Nails 4kgs $10; 1 Door $50; 2 Windows $45.

You can donate online http://www.ugandaruralfund.org/ or send check to URF at P.O. Box 388, West Springfield, MA 01090. Thanks